Top Tourist Attraction and Top things to do in Ascona

Top Tourist Attraction and Top things to do in Ascona: Ecco, Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna, Isole di Brissago, Antica Osteria Vacchini, Grottino Ticinese.


Super-chic Ecco flaunts two Michelin stars and dining here is an event. Chef Rolf Fliegauf runs the stove and works wonders with carefully selected seasonal ingredients to create dishes that are richly aromatic, edible works of art – be it Norway lobster with apricot and avocado, or meltingly tender bison fillet with bone marrow and celery.

Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna

Housed in the late-16th-century Palazzo Pancaldi, this museum showcases paintings by artists connected with the town, among them Paul Klee, Ben Nicholson, Alexej von Jawlensky and Hans Arp. But its pride and joy is the Marianne von Werefkin collection, comprising 90 paintings and 170 sketchbooks by the avant-garde Russian-Swiss Expressionist painter. Temporary exhibitions often home in on different aspects of the permanent collection.

Isole di Brissago

Marooned in the glimmering waters of Lake Maggiore, this tiny pair of islands is famous for its botanic gardens designed in the 19th century. Magnolias, orchids, yuccas, and agaves are among the 1700 species that flourish here. Navigazione Lago Maggiore boats (Sfr16.80, 25 minutes) run regularly between Ascona and Brissago.

Antica Osteria Vacchini

Sizzling and stirring since 1685, this restaurant stays true to the best of Ticinese traditions, with a rustic, vaulted interior and a large terrace for warm-weather dining. The house special is piodadella della Vallamaggia, a set of three kinds of cold meats with three matching sauces, salad and fried potatoes – a filling and tasty summer option.

Grottino Ticinese

If you’re craving the rustic warmth and simplicity of a Ticinese grotto, this is your place. There’s an attractive garden for summer day dining and a menu jam-packed with local faves like polenta, breast (beef braised in red wine) and osso buco. The lunch menu is a snip at Sfr14.50.


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