Best Places to visit and Things to do in Davos

Best Places to visit and Top Things to do in Davos: Kirchner Museum, Kirchner Museum, Kaffee Klatsch, Jatzhütte, Schwingen, Hänggi’s, Strela-Alp.

Kirchner Museum

This giant cube shape of a historical center grandstands the world’s biggest Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880– 1938) accumulation. The German expressionist painted remarkable scenes of the zone. At the point when the Nazis grouped Kirchner a ‘decline craftsman’ and exhausted exhibitions of his works, he was overwhelmed with give up and took his own particular life in 1938.

Kaffee Klatsch

Smooth music makes a casual vibe in this refined bistro. Attempt the delectable custom-made Swiss muesli for breakfast, filled focaccia or natural plate of mixed greens, or make a trip for a cake with a strong espresso like vanilla bean or Heidi latte (made with cooked natural oats). Opens shorter hours in the low season.


Roasted at 2560m at the highest point of Jakobshorn, this is Davos’ wackiest après-ski joint. The individuals who set out to somewhat uncovered can absorb a 39°C (102.2°F) whirlpool encircled by frigid pinnacles. Or then again take your ski boots cutting inside. The Jatzhütte is a well-known Davos après ski spot right on the Jakobshorn mountain. The large terrace has over 100 reclining chairs plus two open-air jacuzzis. près-ski doesn’t get more convenient than this. The Jatzhütte is a well known Davos après-ski spot right on the Jakobshorn mountain.


Swiss craziness peaks at Sertig Schwinget, with Schwingen (Swiss wrestling), champs doing battle in the sawdust. Schwingen – the Swiss form of wrestling – is very popular in Switzerland. In fact, in recent times it has experienced an upsurge.


Wood-fired pizza, crisp and delicious, is what this cozy beamed restaurant is known for. Or go for well-executed Italian-inspired dishes, such as tagliatelle with fresh chanterelles, market-fresh fish, and tangy homemade sorbet.