Top Tourist Attractions and Best Places to visit in Cádiz

Cádiz is an elegant seaport surrounded by endless beaches along the sunny Costa de la Luz in Southern Spain. Settled by the Phoenicians around 1100 BC, Cadiz is the oldest city in western civilization as well as the launching point for the adventures of Christopher Columbus in the New World.

Seafront Promenades & Gardens

Enjoy the lovely Mediterranean scenery of Cadiz while strolling along the palm-fringed seafront promenades found north of the Plaza de España facing the Atlantic coast. These elegant promenades are pleasantly landscaped and offer lovely sea views.

Cadiz Beaches

Beautiful beaches and a warm Mediterranean climate make Cadiz a favorite seaside destination, popular among Spaniards as well as European tourists. Unlike many beaches in Spain, the beaches of Cadiz have not been spoiled by rampant development or high-rise hotels.

Catedral Nueva (New Cathedral)

The Catedral Nueva stands on the Plaza de la Catedral in the historic El Pópulo barrio of Cádiz. Exemplifying Spanish Baroque and Neoclassical styles of the 18th century, the cathedral was designed by Vicente de Acero in 1722 and completed in 1838. The impressive facade overlooking the Plaza de Pio XII is distinguished by its Baroque towers.

El Pópulo: The Oldest Barrio of Cádiz

Tourists can enjoy a stroll back in time while exploring the oldest barrio in Cádiz. El Pópulo was originally settled in ancient Roman times and has ruins of the first century BC Roman Theater (near the cathedral).

Torre Tavira

Cádiz is known for its watchtowers, testament to the city’s trading importance in the 18th century. The town counts 129 watchtowers in total. In the center of Cádiz, the Torre Tavira is the highest point in the Old Town.