Top Tourist Attraction and Things to do when visiting Bodo

Top Tourist Attraction and Things to do when visiting Bodo: Norwegian Aviation Museum, Saltstraumen, Kjerringøy Trading Post, Mjelle, Bodo domkirke.

Norwegian Aviation Museum

The Norwegian Aviation Museum holds the biggest collection of military and civil aviation history. It opened in 1994 and the huge building is shaped like a propeller. That alone will make you want to visit.


The world’s strongest tidal current is Saltstraumen. Every six hours a large amount of water rushes through the sound that connects the Saltenfjord and the Skjerstadfjord.

Kjerringøy Trading Post

A visit here takes you back in time. This spot used to be a central trading point for the area and you can experience this coastal heritage in a unique setting.


We know it might not be bathing season anymore but going to Mjelle is listed as the fourth most popular thing to do while visiting Bodo on Trip Advisor, so we just couldn’t leave it out. Apparently this is THE beach.

Bodo domkirke

An old church in a modern cape. Bodø Cathedral is the biggest church in the city and was built in the 1950’s after its predecessor (built in wood) was disintegrated in a fire due to German air attacks during World War 2