Top Tourist Attraction and Top things to do in Middelburg

Top Tourist Attraction and Top things to do in Middelburg: Abdij, De Mug, Town Hall, Restaurant De Eetkamer, De Gouden Bock.


This huge abbey complex dates from the twelfth century and houses the territorial government and additionally three chapels. It includes an immense internal patio, the Abdijplein, dissimilar to anything somewhere else in the Netherlands; it echoes with history. Its three chapels are all in a group and came to through one little passageway by means of the Wandelkerk. All encompass a diamond of an orders with a small herb cultivate.

De Mug

Try not to be misdirected by the Heineken signs; the lager list is long and incorporates numerous uncommon Trappist assortments. Make sure to attempt the Mug Bitter, overwhelming on the jumps, which is blended in Middelburg particularly for De Mug. There’s an awesome soundtrack of ’50s crooners, and generous nourishment as well.

Town Hall

Dominating the Markt, the town hall grabs the eye. It’s ornately beautiful, and a pastiche of styles: the Gothic side facing the Markt is from the 1400s; the more classical portion on Lange Noordstraat dates from the 1600s. Inside there are several sumptuous ceremonial rooms that boast treasures such as the ubiquitous Belgian tapestries. Visits to the building are by 40-minute guided tours organised by the tourist shop.

Restaurant De Eetkamer

De Eetkamer’s deliver is sourced locally, meats are house-cured and the menu changes with the seasons however may incorporate any semblance of foie-gras terrine with rum-marinated raisins, lobster tortellini with bisque, hamburger and veal sweetbreads braised with chanterelles, and cake encased meat Wellington with white mushrooms and new herbs.

De Gouden Bock

The colors of the coastal dunes add warmth to one of the town’s most attractive restaurants. Settle into the cream- and blue-hued interior or gaze out over the square from the wicker chairs outside. Ingredients are from the region and the menu changes regularly; seafood is a specialty.