Tourist Attractions

Top Five Tourist Attractions in Trier

Trier, Germany’s oldest town, can trace its roots back some 16,000 years. Top Five Tourist Attractions in Trier are given below such as Porta Nigra, High Cathedral of Saint Peter, Aula Palatina, Karl Marx House, Hauptmarkt.

1. Porta Nigra

Dominating the north entrance to the old town of Trier stands the massive Porta Nigra (Black Gate), a fortified gate in the Roman town walls.

2. High Cathedral of Saint Peter

The huge High Cathedral of Saint Peter (Trierer Dom) can trace its foundations to the 4th century, making it one of the oldest churches in Germany.

3. Aula Palatina

The Aula Palatina, or Konstantin-Basilika, is a Roman basilica built in the time of Emperor Constantine that rivals the cathedral for dominance of the city’s skyline.

4. Karl Marx House

The birthplace of Karl Marx has been a museum outlining the history of Communism and the famous German’s life and writings since 1947.

5. Hauptmarkt

A short walk from the Porta Nigra – and a great place to break up your sightseeing with a stop at a café or restaurant – is the city’s beautiful old Market Square, or Hauptmarkt.