Easy Guide For Kootenay National Park Trip

Kootenay National Park is a place of unique contrasts, from icy mountain rivers to steamy hot springs. Kootenay forms one of the four contiguous mountain parks in the Canadian Rockies and it is a part of the World Heritage Site.

Spend the day exploring deep canyons and tumbling waterfalls just a short stroll from the road. Or, enjoy a vacation traversing the park’s backcountry trails. The main attractive things in Kootenay are the narrow gorge of Marble Canyon, hiking around Sinclair Pass, and Stanley Glacier.

Places to Visit in Kootenay National Park

1. Marble Canyon

2. The Home of 1000 Faces

3. Numa Falls

4. Paint Pots

5. Radium Hot Springs

6. Stanley Glacier

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