Go For Trip At Mt. Robson Provincial Park

Mount Robson Provincial Park is a vast provincial park in the Canadian Rockies, is truly one of the world’s crown jewels. The park is named for Mount Robson, which has the highest point in the Canadian Rockies and is located entirely within the park.

This magnificent mountain landscape with its waterfalls and glacier-capped peaks was designated a provincial park in 1913. On rainy days, the name “thousand falls” becomes obvious as the streams of water pour off the cliff walls. There are excellent wildlife viewing opportunities throughout the park.

When to go?

Winter or summer, this is one of the finest views of the Rocky Mountains. Just as the early trappers, hunters, and explorers felt in awe at the mountain’s magnificence, travelers today experience the same feelings.

Things To Do At Mt. Robson Provincial Park

1. Canoeing

2. Caving

3. Cycling

4. Hiking

5. Wildlife Viewing

6. Swimming

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