Best Restaurants in Ascona, Find the Best Restaurants in Ascona

Best Restaurants in Ascona, Find the Best Restaurants in Ascona: OSTERIA NOSTRANA, Antica Osteria Vacchini, GROTTO DU RII, HOSTARIA SAN PIETRO, TICINO RESTAURANTS.


The tables of this bustling restaurant spread into the piazza overlooking the lake. Inside, rough wooden ceilings, marble-top tables, chandeliers, and a hodgepodge of photos and posters add to its charm. Look for the spaghetti with porcini, bacon, and cream, along with daily and seasonal specials. If you haven’t met your weekly pizza quota, try the simple Margherita—a crispy classic that never goes out of style. The wine list, with more than 100 Italian and Swiss vintages, deserves consideration.

Antica Osteria Vacchini

Sizzling and stirring since 1685, this restaurant stays true to the best of Ticinese traditions, with a rustic, vaulted interior and a large terrace for warm-weather dining. The house special is piodadella della Vallamaggia, a set of three kinds of cold meats with three matching sauces, salad and fried potatoes – a filling and tasty summer option.


On your way to or from Italy, consider a visit to this beautiful stone grotto-house. With lush flowers pouring out of its window boxes, it’s straight out of a fairy tale. The rooms inside cast a spell; they’re cozily crammed with all manner of the charm, including carriage-wheel lamps, mounted animals, small spots to relax by a fireplace. Enjoy the rosemary-infused wine on the terrace, followed by breast (beef shoulder) with polenta and the daring dolce sorpresa (surprise dessert). On Tuesday night the four-course meal accompanied by Ticinese musicians is a good deal. The restaurant is a 15-minute walk from the train station in Intragna, 9 km (5 miles) northwest of Ascona.


If you’re looking for a bite in the Old Town, take out your map and try your best to find this charming restaurant. Tucked away in a maze of tiny streets, this little gem serves creative Italian-influenced pasta and fish dishes. Sample its fresh local catch (often a fish fillet in lemon-basil sauce), plump ravioli stuffed with vegetables and toasted almonds, or any of the grilled specialties. The most romantic tables are in the intimate garden that’s between the walls of neighboring houses.


Locals and tourists alike flock to Seven for more than just its sleek, minimalist interior. On Friday and Saturday night, this is the place to see and be seen in the area. The restaurant has gone upscale since its opening a few years ago and now features gastronomic cuisine by well-regarded Swiss chef Ivo Adam. Traditional dishes, such as mushroom ravioli with apricot-teriyaki chicken breast or veal with green-apple quinoa, display very inventive qualities. If you’re not in the mood for fine dining, head to the more casual Seven Easy, which serves tasty pizza and lighter fare. Another plus: although Seven closes for the winter, Seven Easy stays open all year.


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