Best Places to Visit in Volos

Best Places to Visit in Volos are Volos Museum, Dimini, Brickworks Museum, Archaeological Museum and Sesklo.

1. Volos Museum of the City

This smart new museum, in an old tobacco warehouse in the Palaia district, focuses specifically on the history of Volos through a beautiful collection of black-and-white photos from the 1800s to the present day, including a riveting section on the population exchange in 1923 between Greece and Turkey.

2. Dimini

A late-Neolithic site (4800–4500 BC) inhabited through to the Bronze Age, complete with traces of streets and houses and a wonderful tholos (Mycenaean tomb shaped like a beehive).

3. Tsalapatas Brickworks Museum

From 1926 until 1975, Tsalapatas Rooftile and Brickworks was part of the cultural fabric of Volos. In 2006 the restored plant opened as the handsome Tsalapatas Brickworks Museum, with brick-making machinery, grinding mills and massive kilns on display and frequent art exhibits.

4. Archaeological Museum

This excellent museum is set in a pretty rose garden and houses find from Dimini and Sesklo, along with an impressive collection of painted grave stelae from the nearby Hellenistic site of Dimitrios. Recorded commentaries are available.

5. Sesklo

Features the remains of the oldest acropolis in Greece (6000 BC). Once believed to have had a population of up to around 5000.