Places To Visit In Venice

Best Places To Visit In Venice 2019


The buoyant city of Venice is very picturesque having beautiful crisscrossing canals, awesome castles, ancient museums, cathedrals, art galleries, churches, etc. It is one of the most visited places by the lovebirds. Symbolized by the Grand Canal that runs across the city and lovely heritage monuments everywhere, Venice is the place where you will love to walk into the sunset. Lets see how!

1. Canale Grande

The Grand Canal is the main boulevard through the city, connecting Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, and the arrival points of the railway station and bridge from the mainland. Palaces of all the prime families open onto the canal.


2. Scuola Grande di San Rocco

This  is a majestic white marble building, built between 1515 and 1560 to domicile a charitable society dedicated to San Rocco. More works by Tintoretto are in the chancel of the adjacent church of San Rocco.


3. Torcello Island

Here you will get an idea of the importance of Torcello from cathedral, dedicated in 639 to Santa Maria Assunta. It is recognized the best remaining example of Venetian-Byzantine architecture. The mosaics lining the interior are excellent.

4. St. Mark’s Basilica

Venice’s finest church- St. Mark’s Basilicaand was initially the Doge’s private chapel, adorned with Byzantine gems. The impressive golden altarpiece, the Pala d’Oro, is one of the excellent in Europe.

5. St. Mark’s Square

The huge area of Venice’s great square is brought together and made to seem familiar by the classic consistency of its architecture on three sides. But more than its architectural elegance, St. Mark’s Square is loved as Venice’s living room.

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