Restaurants In Venice

5 Best Restaurants In Venice, Italy

Venice is a lovely city with a unique cuisine. There is no scarcity of modern dining rooms or tiny informal restaurants. From the food offering at the best hotels in city to the streets eats that pepper your walk through the best attractions in Venice check our list of The 5 Best Restaurants In Venice, Italy.


1. Venissa

Half of the experience at Venissa is the trip to Mazzorbo Island in the northern lagoon. You’ll enjoy gazing at the restaurant’s vineyards and vegetable gardens. Smoked eel, beetroot, kombucha and sorrel or turbot with potatoes are  few of the items you’ll love eating.


 2. Terrazza Danieli

The food at this restaurant inside Hotel Danieli is superb, with a menu having recipes dating back to 1909. People come here for one of the best views in Venice, overlooking the Grand Canal, Punta della Dogana, Giudecca and San Giorgio Maggiore.


3. Eolo

Eolo is set in the wooden belly of one of Venice’s traditional flat bottom sailing boats called bragozzi. Some of the best recipes by the chef includes sweet and sour fresh sardines or Venetian calf liver with caramelized onions and raisins.

4. Trattoria al Gatto Nero

The island of Burano, famous for beautiful lace-making and colorful houses, is also a home to one of  the Venice’s most delightful family restaurants. Here you’ll enjoy hyper-local specialties like homemade tagliolini noodles with spider crab or Burano-style risotto with small fish from the lagoon waters.


5. Ristorante Glam

Chef Enrico Bartolini’s ability to transform classic Venetian dishes into mind-blowing bites of food has earned Ristorante Glam a Michelin star. You must order here a tour of eight tastes endemic to the lagoon, and spaghetti with smoked eel and fennel leaves before a salted cod with local herbs.

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