Best Places to visit and top things to do in Sliema

Best Places to visit and top things to do in Sliema: Valletta Ferry, Sliema, Christine X Art Gallery, St. Julians, Salesian Theatre.

Valletta Ferry

Whether you are arriving in Sliema, heading out towards Valletta, or would simply like to enjoy the surroundings from a different perspective, the ferry service is by far the most convenient and affordable way to do so.


Just 5k from Valletta, Sliema is the Maltese hub for delicious food and fantastic shopping. It’s the main resort destination now, though it was once the playground of the country’s aristocracy.

Christine X Art Gallery

Established over 10 years ago and formerly known as Attitude, Christine X Art gallery promotes the works of local and foreign emerging artists in a fitting setting.

St. Julians

For those that want a little punch in the nightlife scene, St. Julians is the place. Known for its ability to entertain, this resort town is thriving with late night fun.

Salesian Theatre

The Salesian Theatre is the only century-old theater in Sliema, located a couple of streets inland from the coastal promenade.