Best Places to Visit in Pisa

Best Places to Visit in Pisa are Tower of Pisa, Santa Maria Assunta, Baptistery, Campo Santo, Cathedral Museum.

1. The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Every child has heard of it, and every visitor to the city probably heads first to what is undoubtedly the world’s most famous tower: La Torre Pendente, the leaning campanile standing next to the cathedral.

2. Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

The definitive example of the Pisan architectural style, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is a five-aisled Romanesque basilica of white marble designed by Pisan architect Buscheto.

3. Baptistery

West of the cathedral, the free-standing baptistery was begun in 1153, almost a hundred years after the cathedral but still in the great days of the city.

4. Campo Santo

According to local legend, Archbishop Ubaldo dei Lanfranchi returned from the Fourth Crusade with several shiploads of earth from Golgotha, so that the citizens of the city could be buried in sacred soil.

5. Cathedral Museum

One of the best designed and curated museums in Tuscany is also one of the least-visited places on the Campo dei Miracoli.