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Best Places to Visit in Lucca

These are Best Places to Visit in Lucca such as Cathedral, San Michele in Foro, Guinigi Tower, The Town Walls, Roman Amphitheater.


The marvelous Romanesque facade with arches and delicately carved columns is a clue to the treasures inside Lucca’s cathedral, which was rebuilt in the 13th century from an earlier church.
Lucca’s prevalently Romanesque house of prayer dates from the eleventh century. Its dazzling exterior was built in the predominant Lucca-Pisan style and intended to suit the previous campanile (ringer tower). The reliefs over the left entryway of the patio are accepted to be by Nicola Pisano, while inside, treasures incorporate the Volto Santo (actually, Holy Countenance) cross figure and a magnificent fifteenth-century tomb in the sacristy. The church building inside was remade in the fourteenth and fifteenth hundreds of years with a Gothic prosper.

San Michele in Foro

With its stunning façade rising in tiers like a decorated wedding cake and its placement in a broad piazza in the historic center of the city, it’s no wonder that San Michele in Foro is so often mistaken for Cities cathedral.

Guinigi Tower

In the center of the walled old town, you can’t help noticing a massive tower with holm oaks growing on the top.

The Town Walls

The old town of City is enclosed within a circuit of walls 4.195 kilometers long with eleven bastions and six gates. Lucca’s monumental mural (wall) was built around the old city in the 16th and 17th centuries and remains in almost perfect condition. It superseded two previous walls, the first built from travertine stone blocks as early as the 2nd century BC. Twelve meters high and 4.2km long, today’s ramparts are crowned with a tree-lined footpath looking down on the historic center and – by the Baluardo San Regolo (San Regolo Bastion) – the city’s vintage Orto Botanico with its magnificent centurion cedar trees.

Roman Amphitheater

Strolling Citie’s historic center, you can’t help noticing the peculiar curve of some streets.


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