Best Places to Visit in Dortmund

Following are Best Places to Visit in Dortmund such as St. Reinold’s Church, The Alter Markt, Port Authority Building and much more.

1. St. Reinold’s Church

The Lutheran Protestant Church of St. Reinold is the oldest extant church in Dortmund. it is dedicated to Renaud de Montauban, the patron of the city.

2. The Alter Markt and Altes Stadthaus

The central feature of the Old Town of Dortmund is the Alter Markt, the Old Market, a large pedestrian-friendly area that can trace its roots back to the 12th century when town merchants and tradesmen would display their wares here.

3. Port Authority Building

The Port Authority Building which is also a popular stop for photographers shows the history of the port, a functioning model of the port on a scale of 1:500, and a Captain’s bridge.

4. Zollern Colliery

The Zollern Colliery is part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage. It was built at the turn of the 19th century as a symbol of the industrial strength of the then biggest mining company.

5. Dortmund U-Tower

The U-Tower or Dortmunder U is a former brewery building. Nowadays it serves as a center for the arts and creativity, housing among other facilities the Museum Ostwall.