Best Places to Visit and Top things to do in Mosta

Best Places to Visit and Top things to do in Mosta: Mosta Dome, Marija Restaurant, Pjazza Café, Go inside the Rotunda of Mosta.

Malta’s one of a kind geology, exquisite climate, and clear Mediterranean oceans will dependably draw in individuals to its shores and which is all well and good. In any case, it is the mind-boggling legacy and verifiable attractions that are a disclosure to guests willing to investigate.

Attempt your hand at different games and exercises. Malta is a jumping heaven and extraordinary for some enterprise like shake climbing or kite-surfing. Pick one of our prescribed visits to the islands. Submerge yourself in the nation’s history – Neolithic sanctuaries, the Knights inheritance, structural pearls, the WWII story, exhibition halls, appears, places of worship, feasts


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Marija Restaurant

Ta’Marija Restaurant is one of Malta’s most highly rated restaurants in terms of authentic Maltese cuisine, with a traditional kenura (stone) stove used to heat side dishes.

Pjazza Café

At the elevated Pjazza Café you can enjoy great views of the dome from a table by the window, while downing a light lunch or snack, pizza or pasta.

Go inside the Rotunda of City

If you haven’t made it to Rome, you should definitely visit the Rotunda of City as it was designed and modelled after the Pantheon itself.

The Church of the Assumption of Our Lady

This Roman Catholic Church is also referred to as the Rotunda of Most’a or the Most’a Dome.