What to see when traveling to Malta

We have not known much about Malta before the travel, so we sure were curious, what this tiny island country can offer.
What to see when traveling to Malta: Valetta, Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, Megalithic temples, Mdina, Churches and Cathedrals.


The capital of Malta is best known for its old town, which can be found on UNESCO world legacy list. We cherished about Valetta – from old houses, slender boulevards, and energetic port.

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

This underground sanctuary is a world fortune, as it is unique. Researchers say it was fabricated over 5000 years prior, however there are still no genuine answers why. Because of the way that there were in excess of 7000 skeletons found within it, it is trusted it was an internment put. By and by, the Hypogeum has a gigantic chronicled esteem and that is the reason it was put on UNESCO world legacy insurance list.

Megalithic temples

On the off chance that you are sharp of history, you are most likely recognizable that Malta has numerous remains of megalithic sanctuaries. The best known megalithic sanctuary is without a doubt the Ggantija, because of the basic actuality – it is under UNESCO world legacy insurance list.


Going to this medieval town Mdina was one of our best encounters in Malta. We like this sort of vacation destinations, so we were getting a charge out of a considerable measure while investigating its wonderfully redesigned restricted boulevards, rear ways and squares.

Churches and Cathedrals

Malta’s principle religion is Rome Catholicism and that is the reason the nation is loaded with chapels – from little to extremely extensive ones. Despite the fact that we were not by any means into seeing them all, we were enchanted by them a considerable measure. They are worked from sandstone, what makes them relatively brilliant in the daylight.


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