Visit The Most Popular Hill Station Ukhrul

Ukhrul is the highest and most popular hill station in Manipur state. The town is an ideal destination to spend a relaxed and peaceful time away from all commercial stress. Life here is very slow, calm and peaceful.

The town is made of scenic mountains and hills with a number of tribes inhabiting here who conserve the rich tradition and culture of the region.

Best Time To Visit Ukhrul

Ukhrul’s climate makes it an ideal place to visit especially during summer. Temperature varies from minimum 3 degree Celsius to 33 degree Celsius. However, winters tend to be chilly.

Places To Visit In Ukhrul

1. Shirui Kashung Peak

2. Khayang Peak

3. Khangkhui Cave

4. Kachouphung Lake

5. Hundung Mangva Cave

6. Nillai Tea Estate

7. Ango Ching

8. Phangrei Picnic Spot

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