Visit These Less-known Towns in Belgium

Visit These Less-known Towns in Belgium: Tongeren, Lier, Namur, Blankenberge, Tournai.


Built up by the Romans in the principal century BC as a supply station on a bustling street, Tongeren, situated in the far upper east corner of Belgium, is the most seasoned city in the nation.


Lier is arranged in the territory of Antwerp. It’s a somewhat calm town of just about 35,000 tenants, yet there’s a considerable amount to see.


Namur is yet another little city with a gigantic notable esteem. A key vantage point since the early Middle Ages, the rough goad between the two waterways is beaten by the lofty Citadel of Namur, which at one point was a standout amongst the most effective fortifications in Europe.


A picturesque town on the coast is a popular holiday resort for the Belgians. The beach boasts a long pier built in 1933, adding an extra charm to the seaside.


The oldest city in Belgium has experienced tumultuous historic events, ups and downs, nevertheless has always played an important role in the cultural and political life.