Visit The Beautiful Place Champhai

Champhai, a bustling commercial town at the Indo-Myanmar border, is a beautiful place that offers plenty to tourist attraction. It is a beautiful area in Mizoram with scenic hills and a colorful wisp of the culture surrounding them.

Besides its breathtaking beauty. Champhai is a storehouse of ancient relics, monuments, and memorials connected with legends and folklores. Champhai is one of the oldest places which Mizo people occupied.

Best Time to Visit Champhai

October to May are the best months to visit Champhai, though the area is equally pleasant throughout with a slight chance of the monsoons disturbing sightseeing plans.

Best Places To Visit In Champhai

1. Murlen National Park

2. Kungawrhi Puk

3. Lengteng Hills

4. Lamsial Puk

5. Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary

6. Fiara Tui

7. Rih Dil Lake

8. Palak Wildlife Sanctuary

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