Tourist Attractions and Best Places to Visit in Leuven

Tourist Attractions and Best Places to Visit in Leuven: St. Peter’s Church, City Hall, Naamsestraat, Oude Markt, Groot Begijnhof.

St. Peter’s Church

Standing in the middle of the Grote Markt is St. Peter’s Church, one of the best examples of Brabant Gothic architecture in Belgium. The primary nave’s remarkable highlights are its straight line of parcel columns and high-pointed curve windows. Among the fortunes in this piece of the congregation are the late Gothic metal textual style in the house of prayer, to one side of west door, and the marvelously cut Baroque podium of 1742.

City Hall

Leuven’s over-the-top, ornate City Hall is the town’s most distinguishing landmark. Three rows of sculpture adorn the main facade and both side facades showcasing 236 figures, added in the 19th century, that represent eminent personalities throughout the town’s history. The roof, meanwhile, is richly decorated with small turrets, while along the niche bases, you can see biblical reliefs that date from the original medieval building of the hall. Inside, it is no less decadent in style. In particular the Great Gothic Council Chamber with its carved beamed ceiling dating from the 15th century and the Small Gothic Hall with a Gothic vaulted wooden ceiling are both noteworthy.


To the right of the City Hall is Naamsestraat where many university buildings are found, either in this street or nearby, in particular, the college buildings funded by various patrons from the 15th to the 18th centuries.

Oude Markt

Not far to the west of Naamsestraat is the Oude Markt, the bustling old square of the city, which is still the center of Leuven.

Groot Begijnhof

Leuven’s beautiful béguinage, (known as the Groot Begijnhof) where hundreds of béguines once lived a simple, nun-like existence, is the town’s most enchanting area.