Top Tourist Attractions in Lausanne

Lausanne rises elegantly in terraces on three hills above the north shore of Lake Geneva in Switzerland’s French-speaking region. High bridges span the gorges of two rivers that cut through the city, combining with the steep rise from the lakeshore to give Lausanne a dramatic and scenic terrain with views of the Savoy Alps across the lake.

Cathedral of Notre-Dame

Medieval pioneers following the Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela in Spain entered the house of God through its thirteenth-century Apostles Doorway, enhanced with perfectly painted stone figures. Inside, promptly to one side, is the Chapel of St. James, where they supplicated and got their tokens.

Place de la Palud

Underneath the church building, the twisting roads of the old city are held for walkers and unite on Place de la Palud, where you’ll see Lausanne’s most established wellspring, with Justice, spoke to on its middle column. On the means around the wellspring, you’ll regularly discover individuals sitting as they anticipate the clock above, which indicates enlivened scenes from nearby history consistently from 9 am to 7 pm.

Escaliers du Marche

A standout amongst the most pleasant sights in Lausanne is the since a long time ago secured trip of steps driving from simply above Place de la Palud to the porch before the principle way to the church building. Worked in the thirteenth century, it associated the market in Place de la Palud to the one above. Close to the means and ascending with them in layers of porches is a line of structures that date from the sixteenth century.

Olympic Museum

Along with the artifacts and history of the competitions, the museum overlooking Lake Geneva focuses on the spirit and values of the Olympics and the qualities that have made them endure.

Chateau d’Ouchy and Promenade

Below the busy center of Lausanne is the Lakeside neighborhood of Ouchy, whose elegant Belle Epoch hotels are connected by a flower-lined promenade between the old and new ports.