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Top Tourist Attractions in Bern

This capital of Switzerland- Bern is built on a sandstone ridge, surrounded on three sides by the River Aare flowing through a valley. High-level bridges connect the city with high ground on the right bank and with the newer parts of the city. It is a small city with a lovely atmosphere, picture-perfect cobblestone streets and beautiful views of the river Aare. So lets take a look to this list of Top Tourist Attractions in Bern.


1. The Old Town

The old town is more worthy than its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located on a ridge surrounded on three sides by the beautiful aquamarine waters of the Aare River, it has conserved much of its primitive character.

2. The Einsteinhaus

Not everyone knows that Albert Einstein lived in Bern, and the house he rented turned into a museum, is worth a visit. It is where Einstein evolved his famous Theory of Relativity.

3. Berner Münster

Bern’s medieval cathedral, or commonly known as Münster is Bern’s most magnificent church. It is worth walking up the steps to get a amazing view over Bern, the Aare and the Alps in the Bernese Oberland.

4. Paul Klee Center

This center includes about 4,000 works by Klee including the famous Dame mit Sonnenschirm (Woman with Parasol), In den Häusern von St. Germain (Houses of St. Germain) and Tod und Feuer (Death and Fire). The building is outstanding, designed by architect Renzo Piano, it takes the form of a rolling, hilly landscape.

5. Gurten

The Gurten is a high mountain with the wonderful city lying below. You can also see across the Three Lakes Region all the way to the Jura mountains. Also make sure to climb up the tower – it’s free, and the views improve with every step.

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