Top Tourist Attraction and Top things to do in St. Gallen

Top Tourist Attraction and Top things to do in St. Gallen: Gallen’s nunnery library, Dom, Einstein Gourmet, Bäumli, Candela.

Gallen’s nunnery library

St Gallen’s nunnery library is one of the world’s most established and it’s Switzerland’s finest case of extravagant engineering. Alongside whatever is left of the Benedictine religious community, established by St Gall in 612, the library frames a Unesco World Heritage Site. Loaded with inestimable cowhide bound books and original copies carefully manually written and showed by priests amid the Middle Ages, it’s a sumptuous sugary treat of frescos, stucco, angels, and parquetry. Multilingual audioguides are accessible, as are felt shoes, compulsory to ensure the floor.


St Gallen’s twin-transcend, mid-eighteenth century house of prayer is just marginally less fancy than the world-popular Stiftsbibliothek library close-by. The house of God highlights dull and stormy frescos and mint-green stucco embellishments. The vault demonstrates a dream of heaven with the Holy Trinity at the middle.

Einstein Gourmet

Sebastian Zier and Moses Ceylan head up this Michelin-featured eatery, raising French food with extraordinary fixings, inventiveness and introduction panache. Courses are recorded in the advanced, fixing driven way – duck liver, salmon and roan, say, could be trailed by monkfish with ringer pepper, sepia, garlic and cuttlefish.


Creaking with 500 long stretches of identity, this late-medieval wine bar houses a wood-framed, candlelit eatery that exhibits all the regular Erststock-Beizli (first floor bar) specialities, from bratwurst with browned onions to sheep cutlets, Wiener schnitzel, cordon bleu (pork schnitzel loaded down with ham and cheddar) and Geschnetzeltes (a dish of cut pork or veal).


Floor-to-ceiling windows, slick, monochrome decor and a ceiling funkily lit like a night sky set the scene for market-fresh, season-driven cuisine at Candela. The chef’s belief in local sourcing shines in creative dishes that reach from paprika-crusted scallops to nasi goreng (Indonesian-style fried rice) and steaks pepped up with chimichurri sauce.