Top Things to do and Top Tourist Attraction in Delemont

Top Things to do and Top Tourist Attraction in Delemont: Komachi, La Ballade de Séprais, Les Viviers, Château de Delemont, Chapelle du Vorbourg.


This authentic Japanese restaurant – one of relatively few in Switzerland – is not what you’d expect to find in this far-flung corner of the Jura, but it’s a good reason to visit the town. All your favorites are here: agedashi tofu, kara-age (fried chicken), gyōza (dumplings), tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and sushi, at really great prices. Location-appropriate, ‘Komachi’ means ‘little village’.

La Ballade de Séprais

Contemporary art and installation lovers will enjoy this open-air sculpture park about 12km west of Delemont between the villages of Séprais and Boécourt. Accessible any time, the ‘gallery’ consists of three well-marked paths, the longest being a 3km loop from through the sculpture fields.

Les Viviers

This convivial auberge on the outskirts of Delemont serves seasonal cuisine made using fresh, local ingredients. Dishes include filet de perche aux amandes (perch fillets with almonds – lovely!), homemade cordon bleu and a range of wood-fired pizzas. There’s a lovely terrace in the warmer months and even a playground to occupy the kids.

Château de Delemont

A Swiss Heritage site of national significance, Delémont’s former castle, in the centre of town, today houses a primary school. Built in baroque style, it was completed in 1721. If you want to peer around the grounds, feel free to pop your head in and nicely ask one of the administration staff if you can take a look; otherwise, appreciate the building from the outside.

Chapelle du Vorbourg

About 3km outside town is this dramatically located chapel, clinging to a ledge above the Birse, a tributary of the Rhine. It was first built in the 11th century but was destroyed by an earthquake in 1356. Since then it’s been damaged and rebuilt several times.


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