Top things to do and Places to Visit in Deventer

Top things to do and Places to Visit in Deventer: Grote of Lebuïnuskerk, Bouwkunde, Etty Hillesum Centre, Waag, Cucina Italiana.

Grote of Lebuïnuskerk

The city’s fundamental church is named after the English pastor who established it in 738; the present Gothic structure dates from the late fifteenth century. Its numerous divider sketches, whitewashed by Protestant hordes in 1580, were later reestablished and patient eyewitnesses can recognize scenes of the Last Judgment, among others.


Chef Pieter adds a French accent to local organic ingredients while sommelier Heleen chooses the right wines at this homey cafe below a small theatre. Service is polished – like the silver.

Etty Hillesum Centre

The centre is devoted to the writer and philosopher Etty Hillesum, a Jewish woman who lived in Deventer prior to the Second World War. Like Anne Frank she kept a diary, though she made no attempt to hide and in fact voluntarily chose to dwell in Camp Westerbork to share and document the fate of her people. Housed in the former synagogue, the centre has exhibits on the life and writings of Hillesum and the Jewish community of Deventer.


The 1528 weigh-house is in the middle of the square. Look for the cauldron on the north side – legend tells of a 16th-century clerk boiled alive inside after he was discovered substituting cheap metals for precious ones in the local money supply.

Cucina Italiana

Authentic southern Italian fare is the draw at this family-run establishment. Chef Raffaele hails from the Apulia region, the origin of the local pasta, orecchiette. That’s his dad on the wall mural crafting the ear-shaped morsels.

Grand Café Dikke van Dale

Unassuming, adhere to-your-ribs bar toll is served in plenitude at this earthy bistro close to the enormous church. With different bookshelf-lined salons, varnished wood tables and neighborly, familiar staff, it’s helpful for waiting.


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