Top Things to do and Best Places to Visit in Mariehamn

Top Things to do and Best Places to Visit in Mariehamn: Sjöfartsmuseum, Pub Niska, Indigo, Museumship Pommern, Torggatan 15.


Saved pontoons make up the greater part of the shows at this best in class gallery investigating Åland’s marine legacy. Truth be told, the focal point is a propagation of a ship, finish with pole, cantina, kitchen and lodges. The exhibition hall is an awesome place to find your inward privateer, with a lot of boats in bottles, ocean chests and accessories. Tied down outside is the Museumship Pommern, a lovely 1903-assembled four-masted trader barque that utilized the exchange course amongst Australia and England. Additionally here is Mariehamn’s best eatery, Nautical.

Pub Niska

Star culinary specialist Michael ‘Micke’ Björklund of Smakbyn is the brains behind this plåtbröd (Åland-style pizza) eatery in the sea quarter. Garnishes are differing and flavorful, including top choices, for example, chilly smoked salmon and horseradish cream. In obvious locavore soul, the cheddar is from Åland’s dairy. The barometrical inside feels like within a ship, however the place to be is the superb bright patio.


The building may be noteworthy block and timber, however the menu is contemporary, with expertly cooked dishes like barbecued Åland hamburger with Béarnaise sauce and hand crafted fries. There’s a humming summer patio and a lovely space. It’s an in vogue spot for a drink, with late-night hours for the bar.

Torggatan 15

This charming old wooden house is packed with treasures that show off the creativity and industry of Åland’s arty and crafty types. There’s a handful of shops tucked into the various rooms – each one enticing in its own way.

Museumship Pommern

Anchored just behind the Sjöfartsmuseum, this beautifully preserved, four-masted, merchant barque was built in 1903 in Glasgow, Scotland. The ship once carried tonnes of cargo and a 26-man crew on the trade route between Australia and England. Its record run was a speedy 110 days.