Restaurants In Berlin

Top Restaurants To Visit In Berlin

Visiting Berlin, and not treating yourselves with its cooking delights is like you miss the worth of the city.  All the top rated restaurants in Berlin will cater you with the German food having authentic taste. From enjoying the classy interiors to enjoying the food, these Top Restaurants To Visit In Berlin 2019 have everything to win your heart.


1. Mutter Lustig

Wanting to have traditional German cuisines? Then Mutter Lustig is the the best choice. It also offers you a intimately relaxed ambiance. They make you feel even more special with their historic paddle boats wherein you can eat from your picnic basket and get hold of a day.


2. Fernsehturm Berlin

Standing 368 meters tall, Fernsehturm is the tallest  tower in Germany with a rotating restaurant at the top giving you the best experience. You will be amazed by the view from the top! A classy live music and impeccable cuisine is on your list? Then head straight to this TV Tower restaurant.


3. Neni Berlin

NENI is one of the best restaurants in Berlin offering the Israeli-Oriental culinary art. It is located on the top floor of ‘25hours Bikini Berlin’, will give you the gorgeous view of the city West and the Zoological Garden right from the seat.

4. Hotel Zoo Berlin

Hotel Zoo Berlin Restaurant is the best choice for enjoying delicious food with an amazing view. You will love enjoying the picturesque view of the cityscape, sitting at the bar.

5. PURO Sky Lounge

If you’re wishing to enjoy the glamorous nightlife of the city, then you must visit PURO Sky Lounge- from clubbing to private dinner, the Puro Sky Lounge has everything to offer its tourists. Located on the 20th floor of the Europa Center, it presents the most kick-ass parties.


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