Tourist Attractions

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Potsdam

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Potsdam are given below.

1. Sanssouci Park

Sanssouci Park is the site of many beautiful gardens, buildings, and works of art and is a pleasure to walk around.

2. Sanssouci Palace and the New Rooms

Sanssouci Palace was built in 1745 based on sketches by Frederick the Great. The result, a splendid single-story Rococo building with an elliptical dome in the center and circular rooms at each end, is spectacular.

3. The New Palace at Sanssouci

The New Palace, or Neues Palais, was built between 1763-69 in red brick relieved by sandstone, with a copper dome.

4. The Old Town Hall

In Potsdam’s Alter Markt – the Old Market Square – stands the former Town Hall, or Altes Rathaus.

5. Holländisches Viertel

To the north of Bassinplatz lies the famous Dutch Quarter, the Holländisches Viertel, with 134 lovely red brick houses graced by shuttered windows, gables, and white trim.