Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Namur

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Namur: Namur Citadel, Sightseeing along Rue de Fer, Cathedral of Saint Aubain, Church of Notre Dame and Treasury, Central Old Town.

Namur Citadel

Namur’s impressive citadel, sitting above the town, is one of the mightiest fortresses of Europe.

Sightseeing along Rue de Fer

Rue de Fer, in the central city, has two excellent attractions.

Cathedral of Saint Aubain

The Cathedral of Saint Aubain rises up in the middle of Place Saint Aubain.

Church of Notre Dame and Treasury

The ecclesiastical treasury here contains the treasure from the monastery of Oignies, which came into the possession of the convent in 1818.

Central Old Town

To discover the inner city, start your walk at the Pointe de Grognon and visit the former meat hall, which dates from 1590 and now houses Namur’s Archaeological Museum.