Tourist Attractions in Mdina

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Mdina

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Mdina: Mdina Citadel, Cathedral of Saint Paul, Palazzo Falson, Carmelite Priory, Cathedral Museum.

Mdina Citadel: Ancient Ramparts and Bastions

As a typical walled city, Mdina’s immense ancient ramparts give the town a fairy-tale charm.

Cathedral of Saint Paul

Mdina’s cathedral was originally built in the late 13th century and dedicated to Saint Paul.

Palazzo Falson: Museum of Fine Art and Antiquities

The second oldest building in Mdina, this magnificent 13th-century palazzo exemplifies Sicilian-Norman style.

Carmelite Priory

Hidden behind an elegant Baroque facade is the spiritual retreat of the Carmelite Priory, one of the most important religious buildings in Mdina.

Cathedral Museum

The Cathedral Museum is on the same elegant square as the cathedral, next to the Archbishop’s palace.