Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Lugano

Delightful Lake Lugano is Ticino’s star fascination, and visitors can appreciate it in various routes: visit on one of the white steamers, lease a pontoon to cruise without anyone else, or pick any of the many mountain or shore perspectives and look at it.

Monte San Salvatore

In spite of the fact that its elevation is just 912 meters, Monte San Salvatore’s summit offers a standout amongst the most wonderful and all-encompassing vistas in the whole Alps. Beneath you can see Lake Lugano as it weaves its roaming path among the precarious, lush inclines that wall it in. The red tile tops of Lugano scramble over the town’s slopes and different towns bunch around the shore.

Lugano’s Lakeside Parks and Promenade

Open green parks outskirt the lake at the northern end of Lugano, shaded by trees and lit up by blossom gardens. Encompassed by the revered trees and subtropical plants of the Parco Municipal is the Palazzo dei Congressi tradition focus and the 1843 Villa Ciani, which houses verifiable and workmanship accumulations.

The Bellinzona Castles

Bellinzona’s three mansions are recorded as UNESCO World Heritage destinations and are well worth investigating. Bellinzona was an imperative fortification as the gathering purpose of three essential north-south courses over the elevated goes of St. Gotthard, San Bernardino, and Lucomagno.


One of Europe’s most picturesque prepare rides leaves from Locarno, following grand tracks roosted high over the Melezza River and its tributaries. Over centuries, the snow softening from the Alps has made every one of these waterways cut a profound valley – supposedly 100 of them, subsequently the name centovalli.

Lugano’s Old Town

Lugano’s old town rises abruptly from the three squares that surround its Palazzo Civico (town hall), in a street that is a series of stairways and terraces. Beside it, a funicular climbs to the rail station high above. A wide terrace opens out in front of the church of San Lorenzo, Lugano’s cathedral.