Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Maine

Scarcely any states have guarantee to the same number of notorious pictures as Maine. Think about that northern New England state, and quickly springing to mind are completely fixed Windjammers, waves breaking against a rough drift, angling harbors loaded up with beautiful vessels, beacons, and tall pine trees.

Acadia National Park

The rough and delightful stretch of coastline that is put aside as Acadia National Park likewise encompasses a substantial inland locale of lakes, streams, and woodlands. It gives a play area to local people and guests who appreciate the outside.


The little beach front town of Kennebunkport, 12.5 miles south of Portland, is extremely well known in summer. Stately homes of previous ship skippers and proprietors, some of which have been precisely reestablished as informal lodging, line its tranquil roads, and you can find out about these on an independently directed strolling visit, or at the Historical Society’s First Families Kennebunkport Museum, in a 1853 Greek Revival home.

Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor was at one time a delivery port, however today it is basically a mainstream summer resort, particularly with vessel proprietors. It has the biggest drifting harbor north of Boston, and alongside private yachts, it is home port for working lobster water crafts and an assortment of journey vessels. From here, you can dive deep-ocean angling, take waterway and sea travels, go whale watching or even join a neighborhood lobsterman pulling traps.

Monhegan Island

Monhegan is a little island that untruths 10 miles off the shore of Maine, and in spite of the fact that it’s one of many occupied beach front islands, it has accomplished notorious status throughout the years. This is in expansive part because of its long history as a craftsmen’s state, combined with the numerous stories of its solid populace and their lives on this tempest cleared station.

Old Orchard Beach

A shameless out-dated shoreline resort, Old Orchard Beach delights in the fairly shabby honky-tonk air of its dock and excite rides at New England’s solitary staying full-scale event congregation on a shoreline. So kick off your shoes, venture once more into mid-century summer fun, and enjoy a little wistfulness.