Top 5 restaurants in Roermond

Top 5 restaurants in Roermond: Restaurant One, Restaurant Lounge 44, Restaurant Kasteeltje Hattem, Restaurant Da Mauro, Restaurant Toff.

Restaurant One

In the particularly robust yet pleasant setting of an old electrochemical plant, today repurposed as a culture factory, Edwin Soumang prepares delicious and surprising light courses that thoroughly deserve the Michelin star awarded to him.

Restaurant Lounge 44

Located next to handsome harbor ‘De Rosslag’, and featuring a wonderful view, Lounge 44 serves very delicious and very affordable dishes. A great place to spend a summer evening.

Restaurant Kasteeltje Hattem

In a charming little municipal park in town stands the smallest castle in the Netherlands, with an excellent kitchen and a great atmosphere. Definitely a special experience.

Restaurant Da Mauro

High-quality Italian restaurant featuring exquisite meals and superb wines – but don’t forget to admire the beautiful frescoes all around you!

Restaurant Toff

On a lovely little square between the rivers Ruhr and Meuse is where you’ll find restaurant Toff: convivial, affordable, and serving excellent food and wine. Pure enjoyment.