Top 5 Offbeat Historical Museums

Open the museum doors to these historical Museums and get a blast of fresh air instead of the usual dust. Our expert sends you back in time to inhale the smells, sounds and styles of earlier times.

Glomdal Museum

The Glomdal Museum is one of the nation’s biggest outside historical centers, and shows a four multi year-old time of building-and living custom in Østerdalen and Solør. The historical center plans to make unmistakable that through hundreds of years, Norway has been a multicultural nation.

Vestfossen Kunstlabratorium

Vestfossen Kunstlabratorium is 2000 m² hall showing the contemporary art of a high international quality. During the years people like Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Donald Judd, Anselm Kiefer, Claus Oldenburg, Cindy Sherman, and Andress Serrano have shown there work at Vestfossen Kunstlabratorium.

Suburbia explained

Drammens Museum must be one of Norway’s best city galleries. They indicate uncommonly great accumulations and presentations. The organization has constantly gained great articles, which makes this exhibition hall exceedingly fascinating for much more individuals than just local people.

The untouched mansion

Manor Breidablikk in Stavanger is a totally immaculate private home from the 1880s, worked by shipowner Lars Berentsen and gave by his little girls to the city of Stavanger in 1954. It’s a historical center that shows the monstrous wealth of subtle elements of such periodical common living arrangements.

Bergen city life as it was

Gamle Bergen Museum positions among the best time and fascinating activities in Norway’s second most critical city. This enchanting, built stretch comprises of old, wooden houses that have been spared from obscurity and decimation. Here, you’ll discover exercises for kids and little undertakings for history sweethearts.