Expensive Restaurants

The Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

When it comes to restaurants, most of us make a decision based on several factors: quality and style of the food, the location, and of course, the menu prices.

SubliMotion, Spain — $2,173 Per Person

Topping the list is SubliMotion, a restaurant located inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza. At over two grand per person, for just a few hours of dining, you know this is an experience only the very wealthy can afford.

Aragawa, Japan — From $370 Per Person

If you like the finest steak, Aragawa could be one to put on your bucket list — if, of course, you happen to be in the Shinbashi district of Tokyo. You would think the price alone would make it relatively easy to get a table, but think again.

Maison Pic, France — $442 Per Person

Following in the footsteps of her famous chef father and grandfather, Anne-Sophie Pic is continuing the tradition of high-quality, multi-course dining in the heart of Drôme, France.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London — $178 Per Person

Compared to the first restaurant on the list, a meal at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay seems like a bargain.

Masa, New York City — $600 Per Person

Masa is not just expensive; it’s often considered overpriced, and simply a chic hangout for Hollywood A-Listers and fat cat businessmen.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives — $320 Per Person

For a dining experience that is a feast for the eyes, as well as the palette, you could try Ithaa in the Maldives.

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, London — $343 Per Person

Back to London again, and more modern French cuisine. But this is double the price of a meal at Ramsay’s eatery.

Restaurant Crissier, Switzerland — $375 Per Person

The fine dining establishment of the late chef Benôit Violier and his wife Brigitte, Crissier is highly rated by all who eat there.

Misoguigawa, Kyoto — $168 Per Person

The least expensive restaurant on the list, but still incredibly expensive by the average American’s standards, Misoguigawa blends two styles of cuisine — French and Japanese Kaiseki.

Plaza Athénéé, Paris — $550 Per Person

Another restaurant of esteemed chef Alain Ducasse, Plaza Athénéé is located in the city of romance; but you are not going to love the price.

Kitcho, Kyoto, Japan

One of the priciest dining experiences in Japan is at Kitcho, a beautifully designed restaurant run by award-winning chef Kunio Tokuoka.