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The Most Beautiful Yacht In The World

The Most Beautiful Yacht In The World: What turns a superyacht into a thing of beauty? We asked scores of the world’s leading yacht designers to list the 20 most beautiful superyachts ever built.


“It’s a great pleasure to pay tribute to an iconic thoroughbred such as Skat, still standing tall on the horizon,” says Tim Saunders of Rainsford Saunders Design.

Alfa Nero

Hong Kong loves to shoot off fireworks for its Symphony of Lights, but the fireworks over Victoria Harbor at New Year’s Eve are some of the most spectacularly choreographed fireworks in the world.

The 400K Yacht

Your new client runs a “boat chartering” business, but his prior year tax returns show losses for the business year after year. He insists on writing off the boat again this year. What do you do?


Designer Reymond Langton says: “At the time of her creation, she was the largest yacht that we had signed and would be the largest the yard had built.

Carinthia VII

The Austrian supermarket heiress Heidi Horten replaced Carinthia VI (see number 1) with this very secret yacht rumoured to run at 26 knots.

Maltese Falcon

The designer Ken Freivoch, responsible for the way this beautiful yacht looks says, “We are delighted that our fellow designers should have included Maltese Falcon within their shortlist.


Espen Oenio was at the time of the design working with Martin Francis and describes the commissioning owner – Mexican media magnate Emilio Azcarraga – as a wonderfully charismatic man.


“Endeavour is one of my favourite yachts for a number of reasons,” Ed Dubois told SuperYacht World.


Designer Tim Heywood says: “When a client gives you carte blanche to create a design, it is a blessing and a curse, if you do not rise to the challenge, you will not gain the approval of your client or, eventually, the respect of your peers.

Carintha VI

Dickie Bannenburg of Bannenburg Designs say: “Famously, and perhaps notoriously, Carinthia VI owes her existence to the fact that her elder sibling Carinthia V survived for only a few months before ending her days several fathoms down in Greek waters.

Wallypower 118

11.Wallypower 118 Seldom are architects Carl Pickering and Claudio Lazzarini credited with having designed this futuristic yacht but it remains a fact that they played a vital role and this yacht stands out as much for her contemporary design as much as the technology that sets her apart as a high speed gas turbine motor yacht.

Christina O

Christina O Built as an escort frigate during the Second World War, she was converted into a yacht by Aristotle Onassis and named after his daughter.


Ronin Originally commissioned by a Japenese businessman who had never before owned a yacht and designed by an architect who had never before built a boat this is a startlingly different looking superyacht.


Ilona Built for an experienced Australian yacht owner who wanted a larger yacht, and a garage for his helicopter, she set new standards for elegance, technology and innovation.


Leander This solid, stately, ship-like yacht, is run with Royal Navy precision by her crew of 24, is proudly owned by Sir Donald Gosling, the multimillionaire who founded National Car Parks with a business partner.

Coral Island

Coral Island A Bannenberg design classic said to be owned by Saudi Sheik Modhassan. Apart from being a gorgeous yacht that still looks good today, she is famous for the unsolved theft of a Picasso painting from aboard.

Kingdom 5KR

Kingdom 5KR “Although dated now, in her day she was ground breaking,” said Diana Scott, of Stirling Scott Yacht Design when casting her vote.

Princess Mariana

Princess Mariana Twin screw steel motor yacht built for Emily Cadwalader whose family built the Brooklyn and Golden Gate bridges, she was later brought by Turkey as the Presidential yacht for Kemal Ataturk.

Talitha G

Talitha G She has the distinction of being the yacht in our Top 50 that has been renamed the most number of times. Built for an owner who died before her launch.

Wedge Too

Wedge Too A tiered and yet rounded superstructure, she was one of the first yachts whose bridge windows were upright, while her vertical bulkheads clad in oiled teak wood, making her instantly recognisable and a very easy yacht to spot on the horizon.