The Best Russia Holiday Destinations

As the world’s biggest country, Russia has a unique draw for guests from everywhere throughout the world. The nation’s size implies that there genuinely is something for everybody here, regardless of whether you’re occupied with memorable urban communities and landmarks, sensational scenes and view, or world-class historical centers of craftsmanship, writing, and culture.

Saint Petersburg

The second-biggest Russian city after Moscow, Saint Petersburg is filled to the overflow with world-class craftsmanship, culture, and history. The notable downtown area has the pleasure of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site; the greatest fascination here is the monstrous Winter Palace, which houses the Hermitage Museum and gloats an accumulation of in excess of three million things that have been gathered from everywhere throughout the world.


As the capital of Russia and the nation’s biggest city, Moscow is the place most guests get their first genuine taste of Russian culture. The city is shockingly cosmopolitan, however regardless it keeps up its customary appeal on account of the numerous memorable structures and landmarks that spot the roads.


Stretching out into Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and China and additionally into Russia, the Altay Mountains are concealed in a remote territory of southern Siberia. The territory has bounty to keep enterprise searchers engaged, including horseback riding, ice sheet climbing, wilderness boating, and mountain trekking, yet guests searching for an all the more comfortable experience can unwind in a conventional Russian steam shower or take a drive through the inconceivable view.


Sitting on the northern bank of the Black Sea, Anapa is a resort town known for its wonderful shorelines and bright climate. Most guests come here to appreciate the sun and sand, however different purposes of intrigue incorporate the Anapa Lighthouse, the Gorgippia Archeological Museum, and the Town Theater.


Founded in the 18th century, Barnaul is a small town located only 90 minutes away from the Altay Mountains. It’s an excellent place to base yourself if you’d like to spend some time exploring the beautiful mountain range, but it’s also a great destination if you’re interested in experiencing life in a Siberian provincial town.