The Best Places to Travel Alone

There are many reasons to travel solo, from not having to coordinate with others’ schedules to getting to spend time doing only what interests you most. Plus, many destinations offer easy transportation, lots of activities and relatively safe environments that make them ideal for exploring alone. Here are some of the most solo-friendly locations around the world to consider for your next getaway.

Beaver Creek, Colorado

For those who love the outdoors, this charming village in the Rocky Mountains offers plenty to do in both winter and summer.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Known for its friendly locals and outstanding cuisine, the latter of which has led many to call this island the culinary capital of the Caribbean, Grand Cayman is easy and affordable to reach on airlines like Southwest.


Paris is an extremely walkable city, ideal for individuals exploring on their own. Mass transit, including the Métro and bus system, are also easy to navigate, and a Paris Visite travel card covers unlimited trips for a set number of days in its fee.

San Diego

There are so many options for where to go and what to do in San Diego that it works for many types of solo travelers.


Rome is a bucket list destination that gives visitors the opportunity to see the famous Colosseum, world-renowned artwork and the seat of the Roman Catholic Church in Vatican City. Italians tend to speak English and are generally warm and friendly people, making it easy to socialize and find your way around.