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Planning a trip? Discover Hotels & Resorts in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep, the group of 36 islands is known for its exotic and sun-kissed beaches and lush green landscape. The name Lakshadweep in Malayalam and Sanskrit means ‘a hundred thousand islands’. Let’s Discover Some Hotels & Resorts in Lakshadweep. 1. Bangaram Island Resort Set on 48 hectares of leafy grounds surrounded by coconut groves, this down-to-earth island resort on a beach ...

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Must Visit Places In The World

Visit Places In The World

Heading out is our approach to look for excellence, get culture, and gala our spirit on the lavishness of different scenes. Each movement objective on the planet is an excursion through these advancing components that gives genuine importance to our meandering. With regards to the should visit places on the planet, there are a couple of spots that are known ...

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Most Popular Vegetarian Dishes in the World

Vegetarian Dishes

Indian cooking is supported by Vegetarian Dishes because of the many shifted and delicious choices, from a chickpea curry to garlic-touched lentils to paneer cheddar in a rich sauce. This determination of most-looked for and most cherished Indian vegan plans is not simply comprised of top choices among Indians; individuals everywhere on the world appreciate these plans. Also, you will ...

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15 Places to Visit in Sikkim


Sikkim is one of the most delightful spots in the North-Eastern piece of India, and it is additionally one of the most loved traveler objections in the nation. This excellent state is concealed in one outrageous corner of India’s guide and IT is encircled by mind-boggling normal excellence. Sikkim touring isn’t anything not exactly calming your eyes and soul by ...

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15 Most Beautiful Hill Stations In India

Hill Stations In India

The Hill Stations In India, especially the ones in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are positively a treat to the faculties. The slope stations in India are respected to be the best places to visit in North India due to their picturesque magnificence and great temperatures. These slope stations in North India are favored generally by individuals who wish to get ...

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5 Places To Visit On New Year In India

New Year In India

To give the new year a feisty and generous welcome, we prescribe you to travel and investigate the world all things being equal. Also, in the event that the costs stress you, fret not! For we have arranged some very cool rundown of spots to visit in India which will satisfy your fantasies. 5 Places To Visit On New Year In ...

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Top 5 Biggest Zoos In The World


The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a not-revenue driven zoo situated close Powell in Ohio. It houses more than 7000 creatures which speak to well more than 700 species. The creatures are isolated by their geographic area. Moscow Zoo, Moscow, Russia The Moscow Zoos is one of the most established zoos on the planet, going back to 1864. It is ...

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5 Famous Temples in India

Temples in India

From the long list of the most beautiful and interesting temples in India, we have selected the 5 most famous temples in the country. 1. VAISHNO DEVI TEMPLE, JAMMU AND KASHMIR Located on top of the Trikuta Mountains of Katra in the beautiful valley of Jammu and Kashmir, Vaishno Devi temple is a cave temple and one of the holiest ...

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Top 5 Beach in India

Here are the top 5 beaches that will leave you surprised and satisfied with India’s coastal beauty. 1. Goa When in doubt, go Goa! One cannot really go wrong with India’s party capital. 2. Gokarna, Karnataka Gokarna in Karnataka is situated 190 kilometers south of Goa and makes for a wonderful change from Goa’s fast pace! Famous for the Mahabaleshwar ...

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Top 5 Heritage Hotels In India

Hotels In India

Top 5 Heritage Hotels In India. 1. Taj Lake Palace A floating royal abode, Taj Lake Palace or Udaipur Lake Palace resides amidst the scenic lake Pichola in Udaipur. 2. Hotel Samode Palace Erected 475 years ago, Hotel Samode Palace is a wonderful proof of Indo-Saracenic architecture, which is a superb combination of Indian and Mughal architectural styles. 3. Taj ...

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Top 5 Cities of India

Cities of India

Top 10 Beautifully Well Planned Cities of India. 1. Chandigarh The green city of Chandigarh is India’s one of the early planned cities post-independence and governed directly by the Union Government. 2. Navi Mumbai Navi Mumbai is a new urban township of Mumbai city, which includes the area from Kharghar to Uran. 3. Noida Noida is one of the systematically ...

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