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5 Picnic Spots Near Ahmedabad

Picnic Spots

We decided to compile these picnic spots near Ahmedabad. 1. Maniar’s Wonderland A perfect one-day picnic spot near Ahmedabad, Maniar’s Wonderland is a quick drive from Ahmedabad. 2. Adalaj ni vav Among historic picnic spots near Ahmedabad, Adalaj ni vav is a unique old Hindu stepwell. 3. Indroda Nature Park, Gandhinagar Located on the banks of the Sabarmati, Indroda Nature ...

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5 Best Places to Visit in and Around Ahmedabad

The pride of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is a city where India’s glorious history, architectural marvels, and delectable food meet. 5 Best Places to Visit in and Around Ahmedabad. 1. Sabarmati Ashram One of the most popular tourist attractions places to visit in Ahmedabad city, Sabarmati Ashram is a place that holds immense historical importance. 2. Adalaj Step Well Gujarat is dotted ...

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