Seville Cathedral (Catedral de Sevilla): A Visitor’s Guide

Nothing gets ready guests for the bewildering sight of the Seville Cathedral. This grand landmark is Christendom’s biggest church of Gothic style and the third-biggest when contrasted with the Neoclassical Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City and Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London.

La Giralda (Bell Tower)

This famous Moorish pinnacle is the most symbolic milestone in Seville. Once in the past an Islamic Minaret, the Giralda Tower is one of only a handful few outstanding components of the first Great Mosque that was supplanted by the house of God.

Patio de los Naranjos

To touch base at the church building, guests stroll through the beautiful Patio de los Naranjos (Patio of the Orange Trees). This yard was the ablutions patio of the mosque and is entered through a whimsically designed Moorish door, the Puerta del Perdón, that was the fundamental access to the mosque.

Majestic Gothic Interior

Guests are awed when entering the house of God. Its monstrous extents are essentially amazing. The greatest Gothic haven in Spain, the inside broadens 117 meters long, 76 meters in width, and takes off to 40 meters in tallness.

Main Chapel (Capilla Mayor)

Past the choir zone of the fundamental transept is the fantastic Capilla Mayor, with its moving vaulted roof ascending to a stature of 36 meters. The sanctuary’s sparkling principle altarpiece is the main thing to grab the guest’s attention.

Side Chapels

The side houses of prayer of the Seville Cathedral contain a wealth of craftsmanship treasures, extravagant tombs, and shocking altarpieces. Eminent works incorporate the Guardian Angel by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, showed to one side of the Puerta Mayor, and another Murillo painting in the Capilla de San Antonio.