Places to Visit in Skagen

Places to Visit in Skagen: Skagens Museum, Grenen, Gammel Skagen, Museumscaféen, Slagter Munch.

Skagens Museum

This awesome exhibition features the extraordinary workmanship that was created in somewhere in the range of 1870 and 1930. Specialists found Skagen’s radiant light and its breeze impacted heath-and-hill scene in the mid-nineteenth century and settled energetically on the sentimental symbolism of the region’s angling life that had earned the general population of Skagen a hard living for a considerable length of time. Their work built up a striking allegorical style of painting that wound up referred to globally as the ‘School’.


Properly enough for such a flawless and requested nation, Denmark doesn’t end chaotically at its most northerly point, however on a perfect finger of sand only a couple of meters wide. You can really paddle at its tip, where the waters of the Kattegat (an arm of the Baltic Sea) and Skagerrak (some portion of the North Sea) conflict, and you can put one foot in every ocean – yet not very far. Washing here is taboo as a result of the fierce tidal streams.

Gammel Skagen

There’s a dash of Cape Cod in refined Gammel Skagen, prestigious for its beautiful nightfalls, upmarket lodgings and very much obeyed summer occupants. It was an angling village before dust storms desolated this desolate zone and constrained a significant number of its occupants to move to Skagen on the more secured east drift. It’s a wonderful bicycle ride 4km west of Skagen: head towards Frederikshavn and turn comfortable, which takes you to the waterfront.


For lunch or a cuppa in a mysterious setting, go to the Garden House bistro at Skagens Museum, serving noon dishes in addition to a super spread of home-prepared cakes and tarts (35kr). Note: you don’t have to pay the exhibition hall’s admission to visit the bistro. Enter through the garden, inverse Brøndums Hotel.

Slagter Munch

The lines out the entryway confirm this present butcher’s notoriety for grant winning skinke (ham) and frankfurters. There’s additionally a determination of fine, outing commendable servings of mixed greens and shop deliver available to be purchased.