Graz Tourism: The Best of Graz, Austria 2017

Graz, city, capital of Bundesland (federal state) Steiermark, southeastern Austria. The country’s second largest city, it lies on the Mur River between the Styrian Alps and a wide, fertile basin. Here Shops and restaurants line the narrow surrounding streets, which blend Renaissance and baroque architecture.

The Best Time to Visit Graz

According to survey the best time to visit Graz is during the spring season months of March to May. The weather is slightly cool at that time but not too much and pretty comfortable for sightseeing.

The Top Site Scenes in Graz

1. Clock Tower

Graz austria

Here time has a different priority. Hours count for more than minutes.

2. Kunsthaus Graz

Graz Austria

The Kunsthaus floats like a mysterious blue balloon between the roofs of the historic city center.

3. Eggenberg Palace

Graz Austria

Eggenberg Palace (German: Schloss Eggenberg) in Graz is the most significant Baroque palace complex in Styria.[1] With its preserved accouterments, the extensive scenic gardens, as well as some additional collections from the Universalmuseum Joanneum, housed in the palace and park,

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