Day hiking around Lake Geneva by TRAVEL PLACES 24*7

All info about Hiking trails in the Lake Geneva Region: with the ones you suggested, is there ones that we can see the mountains that Switzerland is famous for?

From the Montreux area, you will see Les Dents du Midi.  The Mont Blanc can be seen from almost everywhere around Geneva.

Switzerland is possibly the easiest and best place for a hiker on the planet. The trail network extends all over the country and you could literally walk to anywhere from anywhere in the country on hiking trails. The trails are all well marked and information easily available.

Take any of neckervd’s suggestions or just ask in the local tourist office for some suggestions. Maps are readily available there as well and you should get one.

Trails are marked in TIME rather than distance. This makes hiking oh so easy for you. The time is based on the average hiker. When you hike a few hours you will discover if you are above or below the average and by how much. So if it says 2 hours to X and you take 3 hours you know you are walking at 50% below the average. If it says 2 hours and you take 1.5 hours you know you are walking at 25% above the average. That then lets you know how long the next leg of your hike will take and also the total time based on your plan.

But the great thing is that there are so many different ways to get from A to B that you can look at your map and easily decide to extend or shorten your plan by taking a different route. Click on this link to see just how extensive the network is.  The hiking trails will show up as green lines. The more you blow up the map the more trails will be shown.