Cultural Finds in Zurich

Scratch underneath the surface of Zurich’s stylishly amazing surface to discover fascinating history and culture. Heidi Weber Museum shows models, compositions, and furniture from Swiss-conceived pioneer Le Corbusier while the Swiss National Museum dives into the nation’s past. Zurich’s Neo-Baroque Opera House isn’t just a single of the city’s most excellent structures, yet in addition, pulls in world-class stars from around the globe.

Zurich Opera House

Apparently the city’s most lovely building, this shocking Neo-Baroque diamond on the shores of Lake Zurich pulls in world-class stars including Renée Fleming and Jonas Kauffman; and with a little more than a thousand seats, not as much as half of La Scala in Milan and 33% of the Met in NewYork, it feels substantially more personal.

Heidi Weber Museum

The Swiss-conceived pioneer goliath was numerous things: modeler, painter, stone carver, visual craftsman, furniture originator, and author. This exhibition hall, otherwise called the Center Le Corbusier, is situated in the Zürichhorn stop, and offers an opportunity to see cases of his work over every one of these domains—the most striking of which is simply the building, Le Corbusier’s last, a steel-and-glass perfect work of art set apart by kaleidoscopic enameled boards.


Rodin’s notorious “Entryways of Hell,” a complex formed bronze entryway set apart by a focal “Scholar,” remains at the passageway of the Kunsthaus, home of Zurich’s most essential gathering of present day craftsmanship. Inside, there are works by Van Gogh, Munch and Picasso, and also the most extensive trove of pieces by Swiss craftsman Alberto Giacometti in an exhibition hall with 150 models. On Wednesdays, the confirmation charge for the changeless gathering is deferred—and dissimilar to historical centers in bigger European urban areas, long queues are never a worry.

Museum of Design

Also known as the Museum für Gestaltung, the themes here are design, visual communication, and architecture. Public exhibitions tend to run small, so it’s worth making an appointment to see the collections; the poster collection alone includes 330,000 pieces, including an intriguing selection from Cuba and the former Soviet Union. In the fall of 2014, the museum moves to its new Schaudepot location in Zurich West, with an impressive 800-piece “100 Years of Swiss Design” opening exhibition.

Swiss National Museum

The exhibition hall imaginatively shows the history and culture of Switzerland in a brilliant way for all ages. I delighted in investigating each alcove and subtlety of this exhibition hall amid my concise Zurich visit.