Restaurants In Warsaw

Best Restaurants In Warsaw

Warsaw restaurants offer dining experiences as diverse as the Polish capital itself. And this list of  Best Restaurants In Warsaw includes traditional Polish dishes to modern fine dining, to even authentic Italian, Greek, and Thai dining.



1. Polka

Polka is built within a historic building, and a perfect restaurant for those wishing to have an authentic Polish cuisine. It has several delicious dishes to offer especially the fillet of wild boar with a gooseberry pie, kale and a mushroom sauce.

2. Alewino

Alewino basically started as a wine shop and not as a restaurant. The amazing wine list of more than 250 bottles is incredible. Even the menu here is impeccable for the dishes are made with the fresh, local and regional ingredients.

3. Stary Dom

Stary Dom -“old house,” is a restaurant of tradition. You can see it’s interior is astonishing! The menu here includes traditional Polish dishes along with a special menu for children and a large variety of desserts like pistachio and meringue cake.


4. Krowarzywa Vegan Burger

Krowarzywa is one of the best places to have Burgers in Warsaw for vegetarians. The burgers are delicious here, made from fresh top-quality ingredients. Also a new burger is added every week, so customers never get bored.

5. Kuchnia Za Scianą

Kuchnia Za Scianą is a perfect restaurant serving excellent Polish food, and maintaining low prices. The daily menu varies, but there are always delicious Polish soups like zurek and barszcz, main dishes like kotlet schabowy (pork cutlet) and pierogi and a good kompot juice.


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