Restaurants In Sintra

Best Restaurants In Sintra

Sintra is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Portugal with travelers coming for the city’s historical and architectural wonders. But wait, it is not only well known for its amazing monuments but also for the yummy dishes and truly original sweets that delight anyone who is lucky enough to taste them. So consider yourself lucky and take these suggestions of the Best Restaurants In Sintra.


1. Incomum by Luís Santos

Incomum is one of the fancy restaurants in Sintra. It provides incredibly tasty dishes cooked by the talented Portuguese chef. Here, you’ll have diversity of quirky, rare dishes and you’ll love every single bite.


2. Estefanea Café

Estefanea Café offers you with the largest and most amazing toasts you’ve ever had! It is well known for its XL-sized toasts and delicious tapas. Try here!


3. Curral dos Caprinos

Curral dos Caprinos was a cattle shed for sheep, but now it is an amazing restaurant that will serve you the finest Portuguese cuisine. This restaurant is recognized for its mouth- watering roasted lamb.

4. Tascantiga Sintra

You’ll have the best Portuguese tapas here. This classic, rustic place dishes the delicious snacks including breaded prawns, octopus salads and stuffed mushrooms.

5. Restaurante Metamorphosis

Restaurante Metamorphosis is a lovely restaurant and the food is simply delicious. You can try here the most loved dish ‘francesinha’ and typical Portuguese snacks and yummy desserts.


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