Best Restaurants in Zurich

Dining in one of Zurich’s classic restaurants is not only a treat for the taste buds but also a step back into Switzerland’s past. The almost 100-year-old Kronenhalle is among the most esteemed of Zurich’s restaurants, with its fabulous food matched by the expensive decor.


Open since 1924, Zurich’s most esteemed classic restaurant exudes wealth—mahogany wood paneling, glittering chandeliers—and patrons would need a lot of it to dine here, too. (The veal steak with morel sauce and spätzli, a favorite, is an eye-watering 68 Swiss francs.) But some say the museum-quality art collection—with works by Picasso, Chagall, Matisse, Mirò, and Braque—make dining here well worth the splurge.


Sure, the menu comes in a dozen languages, but Zeughauskeller is no mere tourist trap. Occupying a 15th-century building on Paradeplatz, the setting—arched windows, wooden ceiling beams and stone columns—is transportive, while traditional dishes include the Bürgermeister Schwert (veal steaks pounded thin and wrapped around a long sword blade and grilled). The house beer is an exclusive from the local TurbinenBräu brewery.


With its sausage-centric food culture, Zurich may not be the most likely home for the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant, but family-owned Hill has been serving up vegetarian fare for over four generations. This restaurant competes with the city’s great gourmet empires and attracts vegetarians and carnivores alike with its inventive cuisine and sprawling buffet. Over the past hundred years, its offerings have evolved from simple and starch-heavy to exotic and globally inspired.

Zunfthaus Zur Waag

Zurich’s original 14 guilds were established in Medieval times to represent different crafts- and tradesmen, and their grand, stately buildings that still dot the city are a testament to their one-time power. Fortunately, most are well-preserved and now serve as fine restaurants. Zunfthaus zur Waag, house of the guild of wool and linen weavers, has a Biedermeier-style dining room with lots of wood-paneling, stained glass windows, and a terrific view of the Münsterhof. The dish to order is the Zürcher Geschnetzeltes, the classic Zurich specialty of pan-fried veal with a creamy white-wine sauce.


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